Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gift Tags for Bottles

  Many people I know bring a bottle of wine to the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner hosts.  These gift tags add an extra touch to the gift. The next tags I make,  I am going to add a ribbon bow to the top or use the bow die and add the bow right to the tag.   The tags can be used for any type bottle.

Someone asked for the measurements of the tags.  Notice one is longer than the other.  I like the shorter one better but try it and see what you like.  The short one is 8 X 2  1/2 scored at 3.  The "hole"  is 1  3/4 circle and a 2  3/8 scallop circle.  The longer one is 8  1/2 X 2  1/2 scored at 3. 


  1. Would you mind posting the dimensions of the paper for the bottle gift tags? I bottle my own wine, have my own label for the bottle, but your gift tags would make them much more festive!


  2. We make our own wine too from kits. We don't put a label on ours because we don't give that much away and what we do is to the same people over and over.