Friday, September 27, 2013

Upsies Momma

 This is another of Jim's glass creations.  Here is what he said about it on his Goodsmiths blog.   Fusing involves cutting the glass and then stacking the pieces in a kiln. They are then heated to 1450 degrees F to melt the glass into one piece. At that temperature the glass is more liquid and it fuses into one piece. In this piece the mother and little girl are fused separately and then glued together and put on a glass base for added stability. I can imagine the girl crying "pick me up momma" or something like that. I called them "Upsies Momma" because they reminded me of nieces looking at their mother with love and uttering that phrase.   I think it shows the love between a mother and her daughter. The piece comes with a choice of blonde or black hair and I would consider other choices.

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! I imagine a sweet little voice saying "Pick Me Up!" too. What a lovely piece.